No, I am not talking about the Olympics. I am talking about the 2010 Riding season.

The beginning of the 2010 planning season is here. Let's start really communicating our needs to each other. Let's get our events out there nice and early so that we all have great event calendars for the January Bike Shows.

Let's help the newbies find out more about our community. Lets work with great motorcyclist owned businesses. Let's just share and make our community stronger, more empowered - more community!

I need your help.

I need to know who wants to become a calendar admin to promote their riding clubs, ride nights, meetings, motorcycle events etc. We are only days away from launching our new calendar system.

If I could get emails from everyone who wants to be able to add their clubs information or their charity or community event information that would sure help. By the time Friday roles around we are hoping to have it installed. If I can ensure you are added as an admin so you don't need me to approve your events before they publish - that would really help. These are "Virgin" Calendars - no old information - NO information in them period!

We also want to include riding club contact information and some basic event information in the 2010 phone book which is going to print in 5 weeks.
Your help now will just make things go that much smoother!


There's some restructuring going on on the web site at

Ali has hit a wall installing our friends wall - in that the wall really slowed things down on the home page, so it's been moved temporarily - while she is dealing with the developer, she's moved a few things other things around too - again this is temporary until she gets the speed issue resolved. But is very cool that shortly and I do mean shortly our site will function very much like Facebook. Although a wee bit maddening at the moment, I can see how we will be able to pull in more of the meet up group information as well as Facebook stuff.

There's just so much information out there - the problem is it is SOOO fragmented.
Come one people, help us make the best Canadian motorcycle networking community for riders. Let's pull it all together.

Let's get every riding club web site added to one central directory.
Let's make sure that newbies and olddie's alike can find what they are looking for in one central place! The tools are almost all there. Video sharing and others coming down stream as soon as we can get to them. Ali is testing everything in all the web browsers so if you have issues, please email her (
We can't fix what we don't know is broken! Talk to us!

I really need some beta testers. Log in, play around, tell Ali and I what's NOT working. Tell us what's missing. What can we do better...

If you are lucky enough to be riding today, please ensure that motorcycle is in good repair. Stay hydrated, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and PLEASE, use respect with your throttle hand.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor - Busted Knuckle Chronicles
National VP - AIM-Can

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