I thought last year was a bad year in my community with 118 deaths but 2010 gets to go on the record as one of the worst - ever. 131 families - minimum that will never be the same - thousands of friends and families filled with grief and sadness. The information comes from the blog Education for the Driving Masses

Now folks, I get a lot of flack because I own the Busted Knuckle Chronicles Newspaper and as the editor of the newspaper I am pretty outspoken. I work at getting people to wade in on topics that need attention - I work hard at presenting all sides of the various contentious issues even though I have strong personal opinions. I am passionate and enthusiastic and as such sometimes I scare or piss people off.

Recently, because of my involvement with some rider charities - I have been accused of being self serving - well guess what I AM.

As a person who rides a motorcycle and just happens to own a newspaper that serves up information to motorcyclists I ALWAYS have three reasons for supporting my community:

  1. I am a biker and it is important to me to support my community - that was why I started the Busted Knuckle - because we had no place to get the word out about what was happening in our community.
  2. I am a newspaper owner and readership is important to me - making sure that readership has quality information that is relevant to their days and their lives is important to me.
  3. I love helping people - PERIOD.
Why do other small businesses sponsor events and donate prizes?
Why do other small business owners become volunteers in their communities?

I am sick and tired of defending myself to the narrow minded few who think they have a right to judge me. Let your actions speak for you instead of pointing your fingers and delivering knocks to those who do something.

Where are you when a rider needs help - are you being active and helping?
If so way to go. If not - why not?

What have you ever done to support the rider community or lifestyle?
Have you volunteered, donated - gotten involved in any way? If so fabulous - if not why not?

It is because of a few people who like to complain, whine and snivel that those who work hard with only the best of intention get fed up, discouraged and quit helping. It is because of those who spend their energy bitching instead of working to affect change that those who work hard finally get fed up, burn out and give up.

I have been bashed and judged harshly of late because of my personal views.
There are those who feel that I should not be entitled to feel anger or to express it.
To feel frustration or disappointment and express it.

There are those in this community who would like to see Belt Drive Betty and the Busted Knuckle go away - but if that happened who would take up the causes of the rider community? Would you? Could You?

Who would replace the Busted Knuckle in giving 300 charitable events free advertising every year? Who would give this community a place to share its stories and come together?
Who would build and donate web sites to those groups that need a helping hand for their worthy causes?

I am no saint but I am no villain either. I am a rider who has a small business and who has made it her mission in life to pay it forward and to live and walk the biker life style the way I have for over 35 years. To be blunt and straight forward - and tell it like I see and feel it. I am BIKER through and through. Right or wrong - I walk the path I believe in - the path of a BIKER. If I am a success - If I make money - it means YOUR community - should you choose to use our FREE services - has a place to promote itself. The more I get coming in - the more I am willing to give. That is just who I am.

I have put the resources I have built up with he help of a few people who share my vision of a strong and united community at this community's disposal. If you are not represented - if your charity  or community is not represented it is NOT a statement against me or my commitment to the community - it is not represented because I can not promote or support what I do not know about.

I am able to give back and do what I do because I have advertisers who are of like mind - they want to do business with riders and they believe in the lifestyle and want to support it.

We are ALL SELF SERVING - we only get involved in things that mean something to us.

Some days I wonder why I keep taking the abuse and harsh treatment and then someone like Rick Kunto emails me thanking me for helping get his family's message out. Or a rider who needs help or a charity that needs a place for their voice to be heard emails me and I can let go of the hurt and frustration.

131 deaths - one of the reasons I am a founding member of F.I.R.R.E. - I wanted to reach out and help those whose lives are altered and hearts are hurt.

My daughter was a recipient of the assistance provided by the Toys for Tots group in the North Okanagan - hence why when toy runs are happening I always give them FREE advertising. Hence why I now have a meeting with our mayor and the RCMP here in Grande Prairie over the disaster our Toy Run Parade was on the weekend.

My dad died of undiagnosed prostate cancer - hence why I support the Motorcycle Ride for Dad - A Police Services sanctioned event.

My auntie has Breast Cancer and other women I have loved are either survivors of or have lost their fight with it - hence why I support Flo and the Women Who Ride Conga for Breast Cancer and the gals of the Breast Ride ever.

I am deeply appreciative of my eye sight hence why I sponsor the Ride for Sight.

I have friends who have Diabetes hence why I support the various Diabetes causes.

I have been a Little Warrior hence why I support sexual abuse causes.

Am I and the Busted Knuckle self serving? 

DAMNED STRAIGHT and it is not going to change any time soon so get over it.

I do my best to be a voice for motorcyclists - for the under dog and I do my best to provide a place for others to have their voice be heard.

The next time you or your riding club or group goes and seeks out sponsors - ask yourself:
why is this person sponsoring us - you will find the answers are simple and totally self serving:
  1. They believe in or have been touched by the cause - they have a personal connection to it.
  2. They see it as being good for their community and their business - there are no other reasons.
We are all - every one of us - self serving. 
Admit it, grow up and get over yourself.
If you aren't part of the solution - In My HUMBLE Opinion - you are part of the problem

As with every day - I appreciate your feed back and invite you to share your thoughts and points of view - it is in sharing that we become strong and united.

In the news today:
In Ontario: A young rider looses his life
                 Police are seeking witnesses to a serious motorcycle crash
                In Toronto a rider and his passenger are seriously hurt

In BC: A driver is charged in a fatal crash

In Alberta: There was a crash near Priddis involving a female rider

For all the other news of the day visit - as news comes in we do our best to make sure you know about it.

I hope and pray that if you are riding today you will Ride defensively, ride your own ride - do NOT let peer pressure get the best of you...Ride like everyone around you is BLIND, has an UNSAFE load and IS out to get you and please - ride Proud not Loud - invest in a 140 DB Air horn instead! AND CHECK YOUR TIRES AGE - AND YOUR TIRE PRESSURES DAILY!!!!

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  1. Fat Dave1:00 AM

    Go Git Em Renee!!!! Well said we need more like you!!! I have been one of your supporters since the beginning and We really appreciate what you are doing for the Riding community !!!!

    Fat Dave Said That!!! anyone want to whine at me???