Steve Drane Harley-Davidson has gone through the 2004 Night Train that was washed up on shore in Haida Gwaii BC  and determined that the bike is rebuildable. The frame, front end, engine and tranny appear to be all OK!

Now the bike is being crated and shipped back to Japan where Harley-Davidson of Japan will restore the bike before returning it to it's owner a 29 year old who lost everything during the Tsunami.

What a wonderful story - from an honest man on a remote BC Island to a Canadian Dealer going above and beyond and Harley-Davidson of Japan stepping up to make things better for one man - this is the story of the year in my mind!  I think the efforts of all involved to see this young man get his motorcycle back all deserve a great big hug, a round of applause and an Atta Boy!!!!!

In Stony Plain AB they are getting geared up for the Finning Ride for the United Way which will be held on May 26th - there are still a few days left to register!

Windsor-Essex is getting ready for their chapter's Motorcycle Ride for Dad on May 27th and are urging Ontario riders to come out and support this great cause.

News out of Los Angeles is that Young & the Reckless clothing and the Hells Angels have settled things over the unlawful use of the Death Head Logo!

In sports news, rumours abound that Valentino Rossi will retire after this season.

In Maine the group that lobbied for and won a Breast Cancer Plate for vehicles is now pushing for one for motorcycles.

And last but not least the rider caught doing 264 KPH in Edmonton has been charged....can you say DUMBASS?  Another black eye our community really did not need - selfish, self centred people are why our community is always taking hits that the majority of us DO NOT DESERVE...

I am signing off with a few funnies, shared with me by friends on Facebook and by email - I hope they start your day off with a giggle, because laughter is an important requirement for a healthy mind!

Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone!
Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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