There is so much need in the world right now and I know how hard it is for people to raise money and awareness.

It's almost Christmas, we all have bills, lives and are busy.

There are so many causes with their hands out looking for support and like many I would love to help them all.

We all have the charities and causes that mean the most to us, the ones we support and serve without fail,  BUT, right now Illinois needs your help to recover from the Tornados - you can make a difference by helping Gypsy deliver simple things like Toothbrushes, diapers, water, clothes - whatever you can offer by visiting her Facebook Page - she is a sister biker doing what she can to help those who are homeless and in need.

Help Illinois - Visit Gypsy's Page

 And there is a lady veterans that also desperately needs your support.

Watch this video and then once you are done drying the tears from your eyes - SIGN her petition - please!

Sign Robin's Petition

There are many around the world who need help in the Philippines and elsewhere who need support - the Red Cross is the best way to help there I feel and lastly I ask you to support the Canadian Motorcycle Community defend it's freedoms and rights by signing our petition to Remove Police Chief John Hagarty or have him apologize to all he has wronged.

Please educate yourself and then consider signing our petition.

AND NO - you do not have to donate after signing - that is the host of the petition asking for support not us.


Have a kind and supportive day

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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