Queensland Australia has become a battle ground and the collateral damage is mounting.

The government there has decided to crack down on the bikies with some of the most extreme of laws including banning members of bikie gangs from owning Tattoo parlours and tow trucks.
Visit the United Motorcycle Council Web Site to read up on these laws:

I have shared with you stories about motorcycle events in Australia being threatened, about riders being stopped 11 days in a row and about riders going to a funeral being stopped and searched even after phoning into the police to make their involvement in a funeral cortege known.

Now I bring you a story about a young private, currently serving in the military, with a department of Defence ID card, is searched in front of his own home at 1:30 in the morning, lights flashing, so all of his new neighbours could see.

He's a member of the Patriots Australia riding club, a non 1 % club with a clear constitution that states they do not accept criminal behaviour and is NOT on the criminal bikie list.

According to the article, the police officers who searched him were not interested in his department of Defence ID Card, they had never heard of his club and they did not charge him with anything.

He's 22, heavily tattooed, rides a Harley and wears a riding club patch.

Private Noah Schefe was strip-searched outside his home.
Do YOU think he was profiled?

Do YOU think his rights were violated?

I want your thoughts on this topic.

There are a ton of wonderful, wonderful Toy Run articles in the news feeds today - I hope they offer some balance to the sad news out of Australia.

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Belt Drive Betty
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  1. Tanya MacBean9:03 AM

    As a biker or bikie if I were to live in Australia, I would be appalled by this type of police profiling!!! I wear the patch of the Veterans Ladies on my back, a support system for the Veterans UN NATO group.

    We are NOT a motorcycle group, however, many of the groups' members just happen to ride.

    Since when did Australia become a police state? Does the law not understand that the term "1% er" means that out of EVERY biker, only 1% are into criminal activity???

    Soon, you'll be seeing the law come into effect that they'll have to provide a criminal background check prior to receiving a motorcycle license!!!

    I shouldn't be giving them ideas.

    Once upon a time, I wanted to immigrate to Australia. I love the weather, the dialect, the scenery. Now, I'm not so sure. If this is how they treat the biking community, I don't want any part of it.

    Discrimination. Shame on you.