Right across this magnificent country called Canada, spring is attempting to land.

We riders are twitching with anticipation.

Some of us have gotten out for our first brain clearer of the season, others have been riding almost all year (Vancouver Island) and yet others are still buried in snow.

The anticipation that longer days bring, the viewing of photos of others who have been able to ride make a person even more twitchy and anxious.

Everyone says they are ready to ride, but, are you, really?

Beyond having your motorcycle checked over; lights, oil, seals, bearings, tires, brakes, cables etc...

Are YOU REALLY ready for riding season?

Have you looked your gear over? Is your helmet ready to be replaced?
Are your gloves, boots and jacket, pants or chaps in good repair?
How about your rain gear? Heated gear?

And what about your first aid kit?

I can't tell you how many riders I have met that do not carry a first aid kit.
I have always carried one. You just never know when it might come in handy.

I was given a first aid kit by the Hotel Port Aux Basque in Port Aux Basque Newfoundland two years ago as a gift, it came with my room.
Carol, the hotel owner loves her motorcycle customers and wants them to be safe.

I went through my old one, kept a few things that were still good and might come in handy and decided that the one Carol graced me with was better than the one I had and so it is now the centre piece of my larger kit.

Like my bike, my first aid kit is something that I go through at the beginning of riding season to ensure that everything is still useable and not expired.

The first aid kit that the Hotel Port Aux Basque gave me has alcohol swabs (replaced with fresh ones every year), rubber gloves, scissors, tweezers, band aides of various sizes, gauze, tape, iodine swabs, pins and an emergency response card that guides you through the basics of emergency care.

I added to that kit by adding a small bottle of Polysporin, Advil, eye drops, Reactine, more Bug Bite after care, extra hand sanitizer, Rub A535 and some ice rub, some emu oil which is also great for burns, after sun care as well as some prescription pain killers that I had left over from a dental procedure.  I also added a small folding knife/saw blade and some good nail clippers.  (the folding saw blade and knife is great if you need to make a splint)
Aside from that I also carry a foil blanket.

I put the first aid kit and the extras I carry into a small RED "lunch bag" that I bought at the dollar store and marked First Aid on it.  I keep that handy in my top box and I put it in the same spot all the time so that I always know where it is.  I also generally keep a few granola bars with jam in them and a bottle of water in the top box. This gives me some sugar to prevent/reduce shock and water to rinse wounds with.

I have had to use my first aid kit several times, once when friend burned his leg on his pipes moving his bike in his camping spot, another time a friend got something in their eye and then there was my crash in Ireland where it was also put to good use. Several times I have dolled out band aids and or gauze pads.

All of the gear I just described takes up a very tiny amount of room on my bike and I feel better knowing I have some tools to help myself or someone else should the need ever arise.

Are you prepared?

Do you carry a first aid kit?  If not, how come?

If so, what do you include in your kit?

Have a great day everyone and if you are blessed to be riding, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can ot see you.

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider

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