Last week I headed out from Grande Prairie AB to Calgary and the 2016 Motorcycle Show.

The weather was less than ideal with freezing fog, freezing rain, driving snow in various places.

As I was driving along I thought about the interview I had done a few days previous with Bill Gardiner a long time mechanic and recognized automotive expert who had some sage advice for winter driving.
Bill Gardiner

His first piece of advice, which my husband is adamant about is to use proper winter tires.
All season tires become too hard in the cold and that makes stopping as well as maneuvering very difficult.  All season tires are rendered all but useless after 7 C.

Engine care is another important aspect of winter driving.  Using proper lubricants/motor oil is also important.  Bill recommends Quaker State oil, because it contains a higher volume of low volatility zinc content than other oils.  The low volatility zinc does not take part in the combustion process thereby reducing how much ash builds up in the catalytic converter and oxygen sensors yet, keeps the engine lubricated better.

One other thing we discussed was washing your vehicle to get rid of salt, sand and debris.  Bill highly recommends that you wash your vehicle on a day when it is sunny and the vehicle can sit to dry all day. Otherwise you are better off leaving the vehicle dirty for a bit. That was something I had not known. So on this trip I took his advice.

Washing your vehicle keeps brake rotors cleaner making your braking system last longer as well as removing the debris and salt that causes corrosion of the body.

Bill has lots of tips on keeping your vehicle running at its peak. You can visit Motoring TV for more of Bill's tips.

Of course along with these tips Bill also recommended driving to the conditions and really knowing the limitations of your vehicle. A tip that more drivers here in Alberta would be wise to follow.

Driving too fast for road conditions will potentially land you in the ditch as was the case for many south central drivers last Thursday.  I really resent people who tail gate or are so impatient that they put you and everyone else around them in jeopardy.

I was grateful to arrive in Calgary in one piece, I can tell you that!

Paul Rawlins

The 2016 version of the Calgary Motorcycle Show hosted by Power Sport Services was reasonably successful in spite of the colder than usual weather.  Friday was slower than normal but Saturday was bustling busy.  There were a number of new vendors on hand and a lot of old staples that weren't on hand.

As always it was good to see Paul Rawlins from Celtic Rider Motorcycle Rentals & Tours.  His plane had been delayed from London due to high winds, and although he was tired, he was a happy guy when he got to the show to see how many people were looking forward to seeing him!
Bill from GPRC

The manufacturers didn't have a whole ton new on the floor this year, but many of the parts companies did.  Kimpex has a number of new products that I am looking forward to reviewing.

All in all the show was enjoyable, however many vendors I spoke with announced that sales were down by as much as 50%.  Obviously the economy has a lot to do with that.

Donations to my head shave that will take place on the stage in Edmonton on Sunday the 17th at 3:30 pm went rather well all things considered with the IOMC Snow City and Stampede Crews donating a combined $450.00!

Artist Jenny Luc German
I am looking very forward to the Edmonton Motorcycle Show this weekend and hope you come prepared to donate as I intend to be bald on Sunday.  I want this hair gone now so that it will have grown out enough that by the time riding season hits I will have enough regrowth that my scalp won't burn in my helmet!

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Have a safe and enjoyable day everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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