What a great day we had at the show yesterday! I enjoyed myself thoroughly!
There is NOTHING I love better about being at the bike shows than meeting my fellow riders and getting to see the eye candy. Friday I got to really look over the eye candy and yesterday I got to see so many of the riders!

I am going to get myself a new name plate or pin that reads "Hug Acceptor" I think for me that is one of the BEST things - all of the hugs I get!

The phone book is being so well received! Even though the Red Deer show is smaller by many standards than the manufacturer shows I sold more books in one day in Red Deer than I did in three at Edmonton.

It is so sad the Turple Brothers and the Kawasaki dealer decided not to come to the show. A lot of the local area riders were very disappointed.

I want to thank first time show promoter Randy Penner for giving it his all. At this point Randy does not think he wants to do the show again - the work load is staggering as I well know and he is beat and beat up. I am unsure who the show owner will get for a coordinator but I truly hope it is a fellow rider as this show - in my mind - is a true rider's show. If one added a beer garden's and a social area for people to visit this would be the best show of the season, but that's just my two bits worth!

Well, I am off to get ready for the last day of the show and tonight I get packed up and in the morning start my trek home. If sales calls go well and the weather is decent - by supper time I should be getting the hug I am REALLY looking for - from my sweet hubby.

In the meantime I need to thank a whole whack of people that made this trip such a success, Sandra, Doug, Barry, Anthony, Boomer & Mark, all of our BDB Club partners, the show coordinators, the Chrome Divas...I hope you all know how much I respect, admire and appreciate you all!

Stay safe and warm everyone....

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Sounds like you're finally having a ball....Enjoy..!