Well, a month on the road has felt alternately like forever and far too short!

I miss my husband and my bed but also wished that there had been more time to see more people.

The Red Deer show turned out to be a phenomenal one. Randy Penner did a stellar job of overcoming the hurdles and challenges of the local dealers who did not wish to participate, mother natures curve ball and a wild economy!

The previous show management team for this show did not make this an easy job for Randy as there were a lot of vendors who had issues in how they were treated in the past and some just could not seem to understand that Randy was willing to work with them to resolve those issues.

It's sad and truly the one's who got penalized for this way of thinking were the riders who wanted to see the new offerings in dirt, dual sport and sport bike machines. I think however, that after the spectacular job that Randy and his team did this year that any old issues will be laid to rest and many businesses confidence in this show and the work ethic and dedication of Randy and his team will have shone through. (For a group of people who have never really worked together before - they did a great job.)

The core group of volunteers and organizers already have a ton of ideas on how they are going to make 2010's show even better!

The shows headliners, Paul Cox and Kendall Johnson were both really great with the public and were so very real, down to earth and approachable. I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing both men - man - were they ever wonderful people.

The vendors all appeared to do good commerce and the riders appeared to really enjoy the socialization and offerings!

I will be touching base with the winners of the Red Deer Motorcycle Show portion of our On Line Show 'n' Shine to get their take on how they were treated and what their comments and feedback were and I will share them with you in the days ahead.

Right now though, I just want to finish packing my car and head home. I have a husband that I miss desperately and can't wait to see.

Stay safe and warm.

Belt Drive Betty

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