This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of riding with some of the nicest people I know!
Mike Cole from the Winter Ride for Diabetes and his friend Mark from Vancouver joined Larry DeBolt (VP AIM-Can PCC), Terry Stauffer (Pres GP Toys 4 Tots), Lyle Volden (VP GP Toys 4 Tots) and Floyd Funk of Wembley and I as we headed to Peace River's Toy Run & Peace Fest with Videographers Mike Reeve and Tom from Velocity Video.

The skies were filled with ominous clouds and the severe weather warnings, Hawg Flatts, Horsetheif Hideout, Summer Slam and other events hurt the attendance from the GP side of things.

At Sexsmith we got wet - man did we get wet. The rain was coming down so hard you couldn't see 3 feet in front of you. The rain got into my glasses and was swirling around, bouncing of my eyeballs. It was wet! As fast as it started it was over and the rest of the ride was damp but otherwise decent.

We had a wonderful meet 'n' greet at the Sawridge Inns & Conference Centre. The finger foods and beverages were inhaled! Nicole Halvorson of Mighty Peace Tourism and Jill Cairns from the Peace River Riders Association visited with us. We drew for some Ride Prizes - a free night at the Sawridge -Lyle Volden came out the winner. Three tickets to Peace Fest were also won by Floyd Funk, Terry Stauffer and Larry DeBolt.

Saturday morning dawned and we headed over to the Pancake Breakfast at the Co-op and then over to the staging area for the Toy Run.

A number of riders from Fairview that wanted to attend the Dice Run but did not wish to be out in severe weather the night before joined us and in all 44 bikes headed off to participate in the Toy Run and later 15 would continue on for the balance of the Dice Run.

The MD of Peace River, the Berwyn Super A and the municipality of Berwyn provided water and sandwiches at the first stop Mackenzie Cairn, then we headed into Berwyn. The next stop was Grimshaw where the Visitor Centre provided dessert, cookies, fruit with dip and coffee. It was a fabulous treat!

When we got back in to Peace River for the final stop at Maximum Powersports, the winner of the pot was Terry Stauffer who donated all of the money back keeping o meager $60 for his fuel!
Chad from Maximum Powersports made the Ride Prize draw for the Dice Run after everyone rolled for the first time on Saturday - Rocky Neufeld won the beautiful jacket from Maximum.

Off to Grimshaw for fuel and to make our way to Hines Creek. In Grimshaw we drew for the Jaccuzi Room at the Clairmont Ramada and it was won by Ron LeBlanc.

In Hines Creek we stopped in to the Hines Creek End of Steel Museum and at the world's Largest Rail Road Spike. We drew two more prizes and rolled the dice again.
KC Betts from Peace River won the GPRC Rider Training Course Gift Certificate - she has a bike but no license so that was FABULOUS! Dan McCran from Fairview won the gift certificate from WalMart.

Once in Fairview we were served the most incredible BBQ by the owners of the Dunvegan Inn & Suites - Bert and Val. OH MY was that a feast! Sirloin Burgers with a huge array of fixings, brownies and Nanaimo bars, fruit, pop, coffee, water...mmmm

We rolled the dice for the final time and when everyone's scores were tallied, Mike Cole from Nestor Falls ON won the pot which he turned around and donated right back to our injured rider - Layton Park!

Kevin Chernak won the helmet from Stojan's for the worst roll and then we all sang Happy Birthday to him!

Mike Cole won the jacket from Northgate Honda when the first ticket was pulled and the ticket for the last draw belonged to Bill Antonello and his wife. They won the Jacuzzi Room with breakfast from the Stanford Inn.

What an fabulous weekend! It started out on rocky footing, but it ended with so much sunshine, happiness and gratitude.

All of the riders were thrilled with the hospitality and I for one had a ball. I rode with some of the best people I have ever ridden with!

This year's event was held to support the Peace River Toy Run, take in Peace Fest and so that the filming we were doing could showcase some of the fabulous events there are to attend here in the Peace.

I can't wait until next year when this ride, which is tentatively slated for July 17th next year so it doesn't conflict with Hawg Flatts or Horsethief will become the Official Ride for Dad in the Peace!

If you are riding today, Please - stay safe. Ride like everyone around you is blind, stay hydrated and use respect with that throttle hand!

Belt Drive Betty

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