I get flack because sometimes my blog posts are viewed by people as being negative when in fact what I am trying to do is create dialogue.

I hear a lot of complaining about events or non profit groups that aren't being "run right".

So I am gonna warn you all - if you are not in the mood for an arse chewing - leave NOW.

Today it is about as negative as it gets - I am travelling by bike, it is cold, raining - trying to snow and there are heavy snowfall warnings all around me. I am pissed - and helpless as there is NOTHING I can do about what that evil creature is doing to our riding season and our charitable events. I need to stay put - because safe is good...alive is good. I know it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

I love riding, I love my community but I HATE snow in May, June, July...., I dislike the noise bylaws that are springing up everywhere and I intensely dislike when people whine and snivel but never get involved to affect change.

If you don't like something and it is in your power to do something about it or you have knowledge that could make a volunteer organization, a forum, a group or an event better - get off your butt and do something and if you don't then have the good grace to acknowledge those who are at least trying because sincere appreciation will go a long way to getting better results from those who are trying. There is offering constructive criticism and then there is destructive.

Too often people start their own group - their own event - because they don't like what's happening in an existing one - but they never got involved with the existing one to see if they could offer any thing of value.

A divided effort really gets no one anywhere - had these people who started their new gig gotten involved with what is existing they may have been able to truly help grow what existed into something phenomenal but because they did not, no one will ever know how good things could have been.

People who get involved - who do stuff are gonna make mistakes, mis steps - the reason that is...THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING!

The people who never make mistakes, who set themselves up as perfect - they aren't doing anything except pointing fingers.

Here is a Poem that kind of fits the situation...

Do you just belong?

Are you an active member, the kind that would be missed,
Or are you just content that your name is on the list?

Do you attend the meetings and mingle with the flock,
Or do you meet in private and criticize and knock?

Do you take an active part to help the work along,
Or are you satisfied to be the kind who just belongs?
Do you work on committees - to this there is a trick
Or leave the work to just a few and talk about the clique?

So come to meetings often and help with hand and heart,
Don't be just a member but take an active part.

Think this over members, you know what's right from wrong.
Are you and active member of do you JUST belong?
Author Unknown

So folks, the next time you find yourself critisizing, condemning, complaining or bashing others and their efforts ask yourself this...have I done anything to affect change?

If not - you have three choices - complain and condemn - Get involved and if you can't - offer some praise to those who try.

In the news:
A volunteer and incredible man's life is being celebrated - John Coutts funeral is at 2:00 PM on Saturday May 29 at Leyden’s Funeral Home in Claresholm.  The luncheon is right after the service at the Prairie Winds Club House located at 4621 2nd St N in Claresholm. John was an active and contributing member of the motorcycle community and his loss will be felt for a long, long time to come.

Edmonton has a new noise bylaw! Get ready to pay big if you don't conform...

The helmet Law in BC has passed third reading.
In the US an insurance company survey exposed the fact that about 38 million Americans who are driving should not be behind the wheel!

There are a ton of events coming up all across the country - some are in the latest news feeds and a ton are in our events calendars - become a member on - it is free to belong and has a ton of perks!

If you are in Ontario or Quebec where you are sitting in a heat wave and riding - quit emailing me to rub it in! AND Please people, ride safe, ride like everyone is blind and can not see you - IS out to get you and remember to ride proud NOT loud.

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