Folks, I am so deeply sad and confused.

What is it going to take to get the message out to riders and drivers alike?

Riding is a pass time that puts you in a vulnerable position. You have no cage to protect you, that is part of the thrill and the enjoyment - not being closed in, feeling the elements, BUT folks - it is also what makes you vulnerable to injury and death and too often these days I am reading in the news about people taking STUPID, THOUGHTLESS chances with their own lives.  And in most cases, these people have someone who loves them, relies on them and needs them.

Old riders do not happen by accident, they "happen" because the old rider generally pays attention and values their own life - they tend to take SMART risks. Drinking and riding like the gal on Vancouver Island - not smart. The consequences of her actions will haunt and follow her for the rest of her life. Impaired charges, a smashed up bike, a promising future now down the tubes at least for a while...I guess truly the only good news in most cases of riders drinking and riding is that they generally only kill or maim themselves. At least they tend not to injure or involve other innocents - their families and loved ones however - they get to pay the price too...sad, very sad.

Then there is following too close. Two accidents of that nature reported in the last few days - one where the rider died and the passenger is fighting for her life and the other - two riders - one checks up and the other doesn't...

People, there are so many dangers out there, WHY beg for more? Drinking and riding is never smart and neither is following too close. In urban traffic that can be a challenge, especially if you are following someone in a town or city you don't know as other motorists don't like to give motorcycles their space - I know, but please, you have to be HYPER aware.

I am not perfect, I do not mean to appear like I am passing judgment on anyone in any way - I just truly love my community and want to see its members stay safe and live to ripe old ages to swap stories and enjoy their grand children etc...Sorry for sounding like a mom but it really breaks my mothers heart!

As always - your feed back and input is welcome - I can't get better at what I do unless you jump in and talk to me!

In other news:
There are so many accidents and reports on the deaths of riders folks that I am having a rough time this morning...

In Wallace NS a rider is dead. The Police do not know why, there appears to have been no collision but he was found in the middle of the roadway with a head trauma.

In Scarborough ON a rider is dead after a collision with an impaired driver in an SUV.

A rider who died in Langley on the 15th of May was riding a brand new bike that was bigger than he was used to and police feel that may have been partially the cause of the accident that took his life.

In Southern Alberta - Granam - a rider is dead and his passenger fighting for her life after his motorcycle veered into the path of an on coming semi.

There is happy news out there too surprisingly...

In Langley a sculptor is holding a showing of some her art including some motorcycle sculptures,  and Whitehorse Gear (Whitehorse Press) has released a new Motorcycle Camping Book.

In Milwaukee the H-D Museum is hosting an Evel Knievel Exhibit.

For all of the latest news go to we do our best to ensure you stay informed as to what's going on in the riding community in Canada and beyond.

PLEASE people, don't take unnecessary risks, there are enough other people willing to put you in harms way without you courting it. Ride like EVERYONE around you IS blind and can not see you and that they are ALL OUT TO GET YOU. Please ride PROUD not LOUD - save those pipes for when you REALLY need them, like when someone is coming into your lane.

Please consider joining F.I.R.R.E. - the Foundation for Injured Riders, Rights and Education - together we CAN make a difference.

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  1. Be careful people . we are all INNOCENT until the facts prove otherwise. Just because we ride motorcycles shouldn't make it an immediate conviction for DUI because of a crash. Drinking and driving is NOT illegal. Driving OVER the LEGAL limit is.

  2. I agree with you and if you are referring to the comment about the rider from the Island - the news feeds are all we can go by and they are telling us that drinking and speed are the cause - we know how one or two drinks can make you feel invincible - we know that and it isn't smart for anyone to drink and ride AND with BC's new law coming into effect I think it is July 1 where .05 will put you over - one glass of wine with supper could do it to someone of the right build - I guess my passion and mothering instinct sometimes gets the best of me - I hope whoever the rider is they don't feel I have them convicted - that's not really the way I meant that to come across - as I said - I feel like a mother hen and want my community to protect itself...bottom line I love them all, even when we make mistakes we are wonderful people...Signed a MOM

  3. I'll not get into a pissing match about "legal" limits.

    A ZERO tolerance is the answer but no politician has the balls to do it as long as the substance is legal. Just look at the tobacco issue.

    I hope that you all realize that alcohol is also in MANY OTC (over the counter)medications and oral hygiene products.

    We all need more moms but they aren't always right. Neither are the dads and maybe I'm off base but the discussion is what it should be all about.

  4. You are right and I do agree with you - Zero Tolerance is the way to go IMHO - and you are also right that we mom's aren't always right - even though our hearts are in the right place.

    The consequences of drinking and riding/driving are so far reaching - the people who will either miss us because we are gone before our time or who have to look after us when we are disabled or go without cause we have to find new jobs etc...there is just so much to consider BEFORE you take that drink - I wished everyone had a plan B and put it into effect if they are going to have a few wobbly pops - I just want people to stay safe and be smart - to look after themselves - I want them all to know they are important to someone....