In Quebec a protest - actually a series of rolling protests have been underway in an effort to get the attention of the Quebec Government regarding license and insurance fees for motorcycles.

These determined riders are making a difference as tomorrow they will be sitting down with transport minister Julie Boulet and the CEO of the Quebec auto insurance board, Nathalie Tremblay.

Operation Escargot has significant meaning as these riders protest by literally riding together in large packs at a snails pace.

 I wished there was an English translation their web site - or that my really rusty French was better - I think if more English speaking riders understood what was going on they'd be showing support for their Quebec brothers and sisters by holding similar protest rides across Canada. It really is time for the governments in this country - provincially and federally to figure out just how many people ride in Canada - maybe then we'd be taken more seriously.

In other News:
The West Kootenay Toy Run has an update for us

A female passenger in Ontario is dead after her husband failed to stop, rear ending a mini van

So far it is a pretty quiet Victoria Day Weekend - let's keep it that way folks!

If you are lucky enough to be riding today, please ride like everyone around you is BLIND and OUT TO GET YOU and please, ride PROUD not LOUD.

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