The Canada Day and July 4th weekend celebrations have come and gone for another year.
The weekend, while very enjoyable for many, saw Canadian highways and byways filled with several tragic incidents involving motorcyclists.

The carnage that has been taking place in our community has been nothing short of devastating - sadly the motoring public does not seem to be getting the message that they need to share the road with us.

July is supposed to be motorcycle safety month in Canada. A month where police services target motorcycles to ensure the riders are wearing proper safety gear and that the motorcycles they ride are up to par to be on the roadways. The reason for this is more accidents involving motorcycles tend to happen in July than at any other time of the year. If that is truly the case folks we could be in for a rough summer emotionally.

Most of the "accidents" in the news today that involve motorcycles have very little do with the driver of the motorcycle having done anything wrong, in fact left hand turning accidents still seem to be the most prevalent...

The only thing riders can do to stay safe is to be hyper aware to their surroundings and the dangers. Defensive riding is the key to having that peaceful weekend putt or that incredible journey stay uneventful and even then, defensive riding is not always enough.

Loud pipe save lives in certain situations - like chasing wild life away from the ditches/road side or preventing that inattentive cager from drifting into your lane when you are beside them in urban riding/driving situations - we riders know that, heck even the motorcycle cops in Oakland California seem to know that :   BUT...

In Calgary, today is the day when John Mar gets his way - the noise bylaw there is set to be ammended and he has the signatures of at least 8 others on council to back him up, councilman Mar wants his city to get tough on noise.

Liane Langlois in Edmonton stated that over 3,000 signatures have been garnered from a small segment of the shops she has the petition with - in her bid to see the Edmonton motorcycle noise bylaw be over turned. Insane Customs, Bad Ass Customs, H-D Edmonton, Heritage H-D and a number of other locations have the petitions and are just waiting on you to stop in and sign them.

The Foundation for Injured Riders, Rights & Education might be a really good organization to become a part of right now. For $20 a year for a single or $30 for a couple the Never Ride Alone program and the National call centre alone are worth the money. (National Downed Rider Hot Line & Never Ride Alone 1-866-315-1013) Add in to that the rider education discounts on the Ride Like a Pro DVD's and the Rights committee that is working at getting the aftermarket industry behind us to challenge the Edmonton motorcycle noise bylaw and well - you have a group that all though very brand new - is already starting to make an impact!

If that was all that F.I.R.R.E. did yours would be a well spent $20, but, fund raising for motorcycle accident victims and creating awareness for the cager and mainstream public as to the Faces of riders and who we are the other aspects that rounds out this organization.

The southern Alberta F.I.R.R.E. is hosting a poker run July 24th weekend to support Yvonne Perry a single mom with cerebral palsy who was injured back in May and I myself am hosting an awareness Conga across Canada in August and September to light a F.I.R.R.E. in the soul of every rider I can and to educate the general public all about the riding community. If it is true that July is the month when we will see the most motorcycle "accidents" then please, consider joining F.I.R.R.E. because united we can make a difference and support each other.

There is a ton of "accident" information and many other articles of interest in the news today - to get your fix head on over to 

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today...please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and IS out to get you. 
Please ride proud not loud and if you get a noise ticket - please FIGHT IT! 

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