The news is filled with so many diverse and interesting articles today I hardly know where to begin. How about we start with the Australians who have decided to go after the Hells Angels?

Just over a year ago, a fight had broken out between rival "Gangs" in the airport in Sidney. One man was killed and a week later, in more "turf war" violence the brother of the dead man was in hospital after being shot.

The incidents were enough to help authorities in the Australian state of New South Wales to fast-track laws that allowed police to request a court to label a group as an criminal organization. The court decision allows police to arrest any members of the group, individuals who associate or do business with the group as well as confiscate properties. Those arrested could face as much as five years in prison if convicted.
It was recently reported that police have asked the court system to consider the Hells Angels motorcycle gangs a criminal organization. (Clutch & Chrome Magazine)

The Outlaw Clubs - Bikies as they are called in Australia have formed a coalition United Motorcycle Council, an umbrella group for 18 motorcycle gangs and have hired a lawyer to address the issues at hand.

In St Andrews New Brunswick small business is in love with Atlanticade and the motorcyclists who attended it. Approximately 10K riders attended the event in it's new home and the love affair appears to be mutual as already some hotels are reporting that they are 70% sold out for next years event!

British Columbia Mounties are in the spotlight again and not in a good way as another officer is charged with impaired driving. The female officer was off duty, driving her own car. In less than 8 months five RCMP officers have been charged with impaired driving.
I will completely bite my tongue on this topic...

My diatribe yesterday about road debris and crappy roads period appears to have been timely. In Calgary - Carmacks looks after the roads and according to an article by CBC:
Maintenance workers who patrol Calgary's busy freeways say they find all sorts of debris, including vehicle parts, fridges, stoves and all sorts of furniture. "People change a tire and they'll just leave it there on the side of the road," said David Francis, who works for Carmacks, the company in charge of patrolling Stoney Trail and Deerfoot Trail for debris.
Since Stoney Trail opened on Nov. 1, Carmacks has picked up about 1,080 pieces of debris from the road.

Also in the news today:
A BC rider is in hospital after hitting a semi.

In Ontario the rider and the passenger of an H-D motorcycle has gone to hospital after a collision with a Honda.

And in Regina, they are mourning the passing of their principle. Bruce Pearce, principle of Campbell Collegiate died in a single motorcycle accident just outside of Drumheller yesterday.
There is a lot of sports news and other industry news today as well so check out the home page at - center of the page has all of the breaking/latest news.

If you are amongst the lucky and you are riding today - PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is out to get you and is BLIND. Remember to Ride PROUD NOT Loud - save the pipes for when someone drifts into your lane while on that cell phone of theirs.

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