As I write this I am just getting ready to head to bed - after 20 hours on the computer I am ready to fall over but I felt that in order to get my day off to a good start for Monday morning and the meetings I have that I had best do the news feeds and my blog now.

A 56 year old man making a left hand turn, never saw the bike.
People, PLEASE ride like EVERYONE around you is blind and can not see you - it truly is your only heart is heavy and my prayers go out to the families and loved ones...

The scene in Indianapolis must have been some impressive as the beams from the twin towers arrived escorted by over 10,000 motorcycles. I would have loved to have been present - I can only imagine the pride, the emotions ans the sight.

Loud pipes will hurt the pocket book of those living in Taiwan - NT$1800 - 3600 worth to be exact or $60 - $120 Canadian. Specifically being targeted? 550 CC and up bikes!

I put in a 20 hour day doing event posters on our site. 133 of them! Every group seems to be late getting their stuff done this year - I think the long winter made them think they'd have all kinds of time!

Our Calendar contests are going well and I sure hope that more of you are going to pre order calendars we need to raise some funds and awareness for our 6 charities folks! The order information is on each calendar contest page.

I set up a Cafe Press Store for those who are always saying they want tee shirts etc.
The cost of purchasing, storing and then=n the time to pack and mail them is more than this girl can handle - the time in particular and so I thought this might be a great way to handle that situation. We will be adding more designs over time and who knows if it goes well I might even spring for a bigger store with more offerings.

I am beginning to get geared up for 46 days across Canada on the Share the Road Motorcycle Awareness Conga beginning July 2nd - I am looking for riding clubs that want to spend some time with me and help me film a series of PSA's (Public Service Announcements) for use in 2012 on TV and web sites across the country - the message is I am a rider, a mother, a sister, a wife, an auntie, a volunteer, an editor....

I look forward to getting the finishing touches done on the final printing of the 2011 RFBA phone book for your saddlebags.  For a gal who hates typing it seems that's all I do these days!

Anyway folks, I am off to slumber land...
Please if you go out riding - Ride like EVERYONE around you is BLIND and OUT TO GET YOU

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