When I got the papers for the lawsuit served to me last Friday a number of things went through my head.

Like many things in life, there are phases of emotions and thought patterns that we all go through.

My very first thought was:
How the hell do I tell my husband?
MS patients do NOT need worry in their lives, that only accelerates the disease's progress.

Then I wondered do I keep this to myself, or do I do the right thing and report on what is going on after all, it is Canadian motorcycle community news and the documents are public record.
Do I announce it to the world and risk loosing advertisers who may not know the whole story?

After those thoughts rolled through my brain, others started flooding me...

Why aren't the other reporters who have been following and reporting on this story been sued?
Why am I included in a lawsuit with so many others?
I thought to myself, why would Sturgis North (which is now Sturgis Canada), Ray Sasseville and Joan Hansen really want to sue me?  They know that my business is just a little community based business and that I really don't have anything, so why? Do these people really consider me a threat?

These are but a few of the questions that have rolled around in my head.

Then came that self pitying time.
What great freaking timing - #&^@%@$
I'm barely recovered from my motorcycle crash and the costs of that and now this, throwing good money after bad to defend myself. What a nuisance!

Then a calm settled over me.

I decided to listen to my gut and just put the facts out there the way I have done with everything I report on and to ask this community for help.  As that decision settled in my heart, the gut wrenching emotions went away. I was able to get down to the business of gathering the facts.

After I talked to one lawyer friend and sought some initial advice, I spoke with some of the other defendants and began the work of going through the list of the people I had interviewed to do my initial pieces on Sturgis North and Ray Sasseville.

I revisited emails, started copying and filing things for the lawyer.
I did google searches to find all the articles I have done and I uncovered even more news about Sturgis North and Ray Sasseville.

Then I asked my web mistress to build me a defence fund page and link as much of the information as possible all in one place.

On the Belt Drive Betty Defense Fund Page you will be able to read my blog posts, the comments made by others and my responses.
You will be able to see the four pages of the legal documents that pertain to my involvement in this law suit.
And I made a video to explain how I feel about the Sturgis North, Ray Sasseville, Joan Hansen lawsuit against me.

On the Defense Fund page, I offer you the facts as I know them, links to information and ask you to form your own decisions.
(There is so much that I cannot share publicly, the private emails from people asking me for help over money owed to them, the documents that were shared with me, the phone calls from hurt and angry people - all of this needs to stay privileged until they come out in court.)

Then I swallowed my pride and asked you, my community, to support me.

I have already received a number of donations and I am deeply appreciative and blown away by that.
I have received emails, Pm's and phone calls from people willing to swear out affidavits.
I have received emails and letters of support from people who cannot afford to donate to the defense fund but are sharing the story far and wide because they believe in me.

The support and comments have eased my husband's mind immeasurably and they have warmed my heart. It is deeply gratifying to know that the work I do for this community answers a need and really adds value to people's lives.  That alone has made my heart lighter.

I slept really well for the first time in a while, last night.  It's amazing how when you are angry, the sleep you get never makes you feel rested or ready to tackle the day.

To every individual who helps me, I want you to know one thing:
The help you give me today - I SWEAR TO YOU I WILL PAY FORWARD into our community 10 fold.

If you are a rider who owns a business, instead of donating to our fund, perhaps you'll consider becoming an advertiser and help us really spread the news of the Canadian Riding community.

What I am asking for is a hand up - not a hand out.

Belt Drive Betty Media CAN offer you good value for your money, so please, consider becoming a member of our Rider Friendly Business Association as opposed to donating.
Together we can make long term change by helping the riding community get the news it needs.

To all you riders - from now until January 5th - every person who registers on my web site will get a free one year subscription to our newspaper.  Let's grow our communications network wide open.

Get all your friends to REGISTER on my site - - and use the PROMO CODE - I support Belt Drive Betty -  and I'll give them a free newspaper subscription for a year.
My way of saying thank you and growing our information sharing circle. Tell them it's your Christmas present to them....

I want to thank each and every one of you for the BEST Christmas present I could ever have been given during this trying time - YOUR SUPPORT. You have given me a sense of relief, of hope, and you have washed some of the worry off of my husband's brow as well and right now, that means everything because without him, I'd be lost.

Thank you for your love, kindness, warmth and support.

From My house to yours, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and thank you.

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Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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