Season 6 Episode 10 Segment 1
Airdrie Oilmens Association
Airdrie Bikes and Bulls Rumble on the Runway

Ride Like a Local sat down with Adrian Pruden.  Adrian is the event coordinator for the Airdrie Bikes and Bulls Rumble on the Runway.

This year the event was held at the airport.  This is a brand new venue for them and they didn't know what to expect having to add a runway.  They built big!  The beer gardens alone are 2 1/2 football fields long!!  And it was a good thing too as the attendance this year was outstanding.

Tons of people come together every year to make the event successful.  From board members, volunteers, and charities, they all come together as one and create an amazing event every year.

There are a number events that are held to include all ages.  Drag racing, bull riding, motorcycle rodeo, saddle bronc riding and mutton busting to name a few.

There are a number of events to include all ages that makes this the perfect family event.  Tubular Optimization are some big sponsors for the weekend.  Tyler and Eric tried their hand at the Wild Cow Milking and Tylers son Tanner was the mutton busting champion and won a belt buckle!!

Of the many sponsors that support the weekend two major ones are the airport owner, and Terra Energy.  All were excited to have a blank canvas to work with and have already begun planning for next year.

Airdrie Bikes and Bulls and the Airdrie Oilmens Association support charities like the Airdrie Food Bank, The Community Links Program and the Airdrie and District Victims Association.  The service each charity provides is far reaching and incredibly important.  It definitely makes these guys proud to be able to give back.

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