This was submitted by Classy Rider - a few of us have checked it out and it seems pretty cool!

Here's what she sent:

We have newly discovered a GREAT internet website that enables you to get things for free and get rid of the clutter in your home. This site is called FREECYCLE! ( When you go to the site, you simply click on your country, and find the group closest to you! All you need is a yahooID (which is free to get) and then you are in! I set up my account to not send me any email as I check the site when I have time and this way my junk mail box doesn't get filled up with all the notices. In the last week, we have gotten a swing for on the deck of our new home, TONS of kids toys, found out about free stuff at garage sales, a high chair and coupons! People are giving away almost anything you can think of.The purpose of the site is to eliminate people throwing things in the garbage that could be are not allowed to ask for money for your items and no one asks you for money. 

Most of the communication is done by email. Most times, people leave the items on their porch and you just go and get it!

Classy Rider

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