The show is shaping up beautifully.
I have a new office administrator, hopefully no one offers her more money and I can keep her a while!
Glad to see that WyzWmn is back on line! I don't know about the rest of you but I sure enjoy her wit!

No one has donated any airmiles to us, but we are bringing the kids from the Bike Club to Wembley and taking them on a tour of the NAIT Fairview M/C training facilities.
It's been rough but the kids raised enough money to get 5 of them here and I had enough aeroplan miles to get 2 of them here. Mr. Mazzy's ticket was purchased by Toys for Big Boys in Moncton so - they are coming!

Peter Jonsson of MCM and Kopteri Magazines in Sweden & Finland is confirmed as is TBear of American Iron and The Horse Magazines!

Our Canadian press is set to come so Builders - we are providing you with your opportunity to wow the cameras!

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