Well, the first Canadian Championship of Bike Building is less than 2 days away!

I'm nervous and excited! There is one dark spot in all of this and that is the Mayor of Grande Prairie and the Grande Prairie RCMP.

They are not happy that we are letting everyone wear their club riding gear, they have started posting signs about outlaw colors and making a fuss like we are all a bunch of hoodlums.....
Beaverlodge RCMP have just recently taken over the town of Wembley's policing duties and have had a very high presence in Wembley since they took over a little over a week ago.

I am asking you to be careful - please make sure your gear is legit and watch your throttle hand.
They are going to be out there in full force so DON'T take any chances - please!

I am posting the map of how to bypass Grande Prairie to avoid the worst of it, but remember - the police will be doing their jobs above and beyond because they don't like us, ride accordingly.

Other than that small fly in the ointment, mother nature seems to be smiling, and that's a good thing!
The Championship competition is going to be incredible with builders from New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, the NWT, Alberta and BC competing! Chica, Tom Langton, Heather Ireland and the kids from the Bike Club arrive tomorrow, the press starts arriving tonight.....

Look forward to seeing everyone that can come, its gonna be a blast!

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