I have spent the last week in Olds working on our security and traffic flow plan as well as meeting with the local community service groups. Once the town of Olds groups decide where they want to fit into the show we will be looking to the motorcycle community for volunteers.

The Souls of Freedom have already spoken for the cashiers jobs and the Rock Riders out of Calgary have volunteered for security. We have gone to Alberta Justice to get clarification on the laws for volunteers security and it would appear we are OK using volunteers as long as they are not remunerated. Apparently, every event that pays volunteer security is in breach of the law and could be fined $200 and then there are fines for each person working! It would appear that the professional security companies resent volunteers making money at the job and have been complaining bitterly to Alberta Justice that paid volunteers are taking away their jobs - against the law. So now special events are under scrutiny.

The RCMP have asked us to prepare for 25,000 people because of the Highway 2 corridor.
Our estimates are that 15,000 people will come to the show, but they feel 25,000 is more realistic for the location - I hope they are right because special policing could cost as much as $20,000!

The community of Olds appears to be very excited that the show is coming to their town. I hope for this to be a long term relationship that will see us be allowed to borrow that community and it's facilities for a long time to come! The facilities are ideal and Olds even has a Timmy's... think I should warn them about the show like I did the hospital - so that they can be prepared?

As soon as we have the last details finalized we will begin loading in the tourism information on the 2007 Championship web site - have you seen what Suzie has done with that? Wow this gal works hard! It looks awesome.

Any way gang, I'm off to Vancouver today and hopefully home by Wednesday. I miss my husband and sleeping in my own bed....I love and hate bike show season.
BD Betty

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