Well gang, I finally made it home. It was nice to sleep in my own bed last night!

However, I have come home to some really sad news. My uncle, who has not been well for some time, has not been given too much more time here on this earth. If yah can, a prayer or two for him and his family would be appreciated.

The other news affects me on a personal and business level - my book keeper is awaiting biopsy results and won't be coming to work for a while. She's not doing well at all and they are bracing for the worst. She is so much more than my book keeper, shes's also a really good friend.
Prayers for her and her family would really be appreciated too.

On a practical level I have to hire someone for my office. Because of Debra Lee being sick, I have to find someone. I can make it a full time job or part time....but I really need help!

If you know anyone in the Grande Prairie area that has strong computer skills and is looking for work, please have them contact me at to set up a time to meet.

Thanks gang!

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