So gang, the responses to the rider's survey are still trickling in.

Perhaps announcing another winner for Shauna Beallie's Book "Sturgis Road Trip" will get more coming in. Naomi Brandt from Red Cliff AB is this month's winner.

The Phone book seems to be a big hit....Skeeter Longaphie from Fredricton New Brunswick wins a book called "Over the Handlebars" by Don Gateley.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you for taking the time to fill the surveys out!
Keep those surveys coming in - you never know what we'll give away next month.....

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  1. Great website, just noticed a long time old friend won book called Over the Handlebars...

    I worked with Skeeter Longaphie in the military, back in the 80's in Gagetown...

    Give Him my regard...