Both Ali and I have been busy like a pair of beavers building a dam...

Ali upgraded our site over night. The upgrade gives us enhanced security and more stable tools but she is already talking about the next upgrade and the next series of tools she wants to provide.

I don't know who is worse, Ali or hard as I work doing the data entry, building the paper every week etc....she works just as hard at making a phenominal resource.

I hope that you will take a few minutes to see all of her hard work and how she is making this vision I have had in my head become a reality. If you find the tools that we are providing and building at all beneficial to you I hope you will join our web site.
When you are there, stop into the forums and tell Ali how you feel about her efforts on behalf of Canadian riders and tourists coming to Canada.

Canada is our sand box and we want visitors from within our own country and those from other countries to see what makes ours a fun sand box to play in!

Come discover Canada by Motorcycle.....

Stay safe out there....

Belt Drive Betty

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