Wow - what wonderful news to wake up to - Roger Goldammer is crowned for his third time as World Champion of Custom Bike Building! Makes me really wish that I could have gone to Sturgis as planned!

Congratulations Roger, if anyone in the custom industry deserves this win - you do.

Goldmember is a fabulous bike and in one discussion that I had with Roger not all that long ago he proclaimed that this machine was the most fun to build and ride. I know Roger and for him, the ultimate meaning of this Championship is the fact that this bike is a World Record Holder at the Bonneville Salt Flats and now a World Championship of Custom Bike Building winner.

Yes, Roger Goldammer from Kelowna BC has proven once again that he is the BEST Builder in the WORLD!

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you Roger for once again bringing the focus of millions to Canada, your achievement is a proud moment for all Canadians.

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