Have any of you come across a site called Bad Cop News?

After reading some of the articles, my stomach was queasy.

I started on the pursuit of draconian laws and bad behaviour after a post I read in a forum.
One of the members it appears is a wee bit fed up with the new racing law in Ontario and the impact to our Charter - police taking away your license and your vehicle at the road side - effectively, they are judge and jury on the roadside.

We do appear to be heading down a slope that will see our freedoms - those of the 95% of the population who try to be decent citizens - become eroded.

I looked at tons of sites about laws, and justice in Canada and have come to the conclusion that this country's politicians and a lot of its citizens have gone nuts.

The Mayor of Toronto and Ontario Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty want to ban handguns - the Mayor of Toronto wants to ban gun ranges and gun clubs.

After the bizarre beheading of a Greyhound Bus Line passenger earlier this week, one reporter asked the minister of Public Safety- Stockwell Day- about banning knives. The minister said it wasn't feasible - my question is who is the idiot who asked the question in the first place?

BC has a new law that's really just a knee jerk reaction and not well thought out at all.

Grant's law requires drivers in BC to pay for fuel before they fill up.

"The law was named for gas attendant Grant De Patie who was run over and killed in March 2005 trying to chase a driver who hadn't paid."

If you read the article there you will see what the gas companies are doing to people, never mind the impact to the station owner in lost confectionery sales! It's nuts! And the gas companies and what they are doing to your credit cards is disgusting - not to mention the credit card fraud potential - yes this law fits in the stupid category.

Why was Grant not taught to take down a plate number and call the police? Why was he not taught that you always give a robber what they want and get as much information as you can to give to the police? Why is education ignored and punishment the first reaction?

I don't know how many gas station attendants there are in the province of BC, but would it not be easier to put in place mandatory training for attendants than putting the motoring public, the small station owner and credit card holders in this unbearable predicament?

Don't we have enough laws? Is there no common sense left?

Here are some of the other sites I visited in an attempt to educate myself about the laws in our country and the people who write them, implement them and attempt to uphold them:

The four editorials here bring some interesting arguments against some dumb laws....

I do not know what the answer is but I do hope I have given you something to think about.
Educating ourselves in a busy and demanding world is tough. I decided to take a couple of hours and read - my eyes were opened and it really makes me wonder where we are heading.

If you are lucky enough to be at a bike event this weekend or off camping/sightseeing - enjoy every second you can and know I'll be green with envy as I sit chained to my computer and the work I have to do.

Ride safe...

Belt Drive Betty

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