We are going to be printing our rider friendly directory - if you think marketing to other riders is a good idea, get in touch!

Our phone book won't be complete if your business isn't in there!

I have been busy all day contacting the various businesses in the YT, NWT, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Bee is contacting BC businesses and Arlen is contacting Alberta. We are going to do everything in our power to ensure this phone book has as accurate info as it can when it goes to print.

You can watch our progress as the ad backgrounds turn from green, to sand and then to blue as these businesses become members...your encouragement of any business you know of to become a partner is deeply appreciated and will be by all riders who get a book!

The Little Black Book of Rider Friendly Businesses - a really great addition to your saddlebags or desk!

Ride safe out there!!!!!

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. How much would it cost to list my business?
    I am a supplier of diagnostic tools, mostly electricals and electronics for anything powered by gasoline engines...!!!!
    Let me know please

  2. Membership in our "Chamber" is $99.95 per year - includes the on line ad and $125 for a highlighted text ad or $350 for a business car. If you buy an ad in the printed book you will get a copy of the book...