A very dear friend of mine passed away on Friday just before midnight. She had cancer and lost the fight. On some levels I feel relief for her that her suffering is over, I feel sadness because it's going to be a while before I get to hear that laugh or see that smile again...

Death is really a celebration of life. A time to remember all of the joy and happiness you shared with someone. Grief is an emotion that is tough to explain and I feel it right now but I also feel an extreme joy...Illona Swan was a very special woman in my life and yes I will miss her deeply. I am however deeply grateful for the time I spent with her, the things she brought in to my life that one can't really measure like love, friendship and caring.

I have had a good weekend in spite of the news of Illona's passing. I believe she is in a better place - one that is pain free and where she will be with other family and friends who have gone on before her. We will miss her here on this earth and we who loved her are all richer and better people for having known her.

My trip home is being delayed so that I can be with family and friends to celebrate her life on Wednesday...

Ride like all around you are blind and can't see you, stay safe - You are important you know!

Belt Drive Betty

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