Well, we are in our new home. We do have, as anticipated a few glitches. Some of our members and news have not completed the transfer yet.

If you are one of the 200 or so people who can't log in this morning - that should be resolved by later today - hoping for noonish.

If you face any other challenges or come across anything that isn't working right - please contact Ali: and she'll add it to her list of things to tweak.

With so much information on our site, there are bound to be a few things that get messed up in the transfer- your help to identify those things to her is GRATEFULLY - HUMBLY asked for!

In other news, three police officers in Prince George have been caught speeding on their motorcycles after work.

What do you think of the discipline they received?
We'd love to hear your thoughts on this one!

Personally those cited in the article who think the punishment is more severe than a civilian would get need to remember - they choose the uniform and have to set the example - otherwise, they shouldn't be wearing that uniform - and that's my humble opinion.

Any how, I need to fly - literally - to Ontario in less than two hours and am not finished packing yet. The upside of living in a smaller center - I don't have to be at the airport for another hour!

Ride like everyone around you is blind. Stay Hydrated. And PLEASE, use respect with that right hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. the new site rocks!

    and moves faster n spit...well done ladies...well done!