Today's news feed are filled with such a variety of news and for once there appears to be no accidents or deaths to read about.

OCC founder Paul Teutul Sr. is unveiling a chopper in Toronto today...I wonder how these charity chopper billboards get financed? Do the charities actually fork out the cash or are they sponsored? Is this the best way for a charity to spend money all in the name of creating awareness? Maybe - I am after all writing about it...what are your thoughts on the subject?

The Teutul's are also in the news for the Mobil 1 Bagger giveaway in Daytona...

If you had a sport bike stolen you might be pleased to know that a Motorcycle Theft ring has been shut down in Edmonton. The dumbass that spearheaded the ring was passing stolen motorcycles of as American bikes - but in many cases forgot the bilingual factory stickers on them...

In other news, we have attracted some new business partners to the BDB Club. (Log in to access the Rider Friendly directory)

Your savings card is currently good at approximately 160 locations and growing! (Log in to download your card in the Business Section - BDB Club)
If you haven't downloaded your card and printed it off, what are you waiting for?

I hope that if you are riding today you will take a walk around that machine of yours, you'll stay hydrated, you'll ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and that you will use respect with that right hand.

Hope your day is FABULOUS!

Belt Drive Betty

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