Going to find any help?

In the on going saga of me trying to find an admin assistant the gal who was going to start working for me hurt her knee during their move and has to have a couple of surgeries now.

It could be 6 months and a lot more before she can go to work anywhere, let alone for me.
I feel so bad for her and for me. She has all of the skills, the savvy...

So anyhoo, if anyone hears of someone with decent computer skills looking to pick up some extra cash - I'm looking again. The wages aren't big, but the hours are flexible and if I can ever get the right person in here, then I can be out doing sales and making that person's wage bigger. For now - Some work can be done remotely. I do need at least one person with a bit of Quick Books Background for basic data entry and invoicing. 3-5 hours a week.

The longest Lori can stay with me is until the mid to end of November so - HELP!

Thanks - BDB

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