I am at a crossroads with our weekly newspaper.

Although many of you seem to really enjoy the newspaper - SOME advertisers are telling us that they are not reaping any benefit and want to cancel their advertising or that with the economy the way it is they are not going to advertise until things improve.

The printed paper and Canada Post are our two biggest expenses. Without the advertisers to support the shipping and the printing well...that leaves me in a position of uncertainty with regards to the newspaper.

Do I:

Stop the printed version of the paper completely and just do the web site with the weekly newsletter and no newspaper at all?

Continue with the newspaper but only in electronic format with the weekly newsletter.

OR - Do a monthly or bi monthly printed newspaper but in color?

The web site and the phone book would not be affected by any decision with regards to the printed paper.

Your input would be deeply appreciated as I now deal with the effects of our economy and how it is hurting our paper.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP AIM-Can

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