I have a few questions for the lot of you....Am I wrong for trying to keep our web site predominantly Canadian? Am I wrong for proudly touting the fact that our site is Canadian and about Canadian events, businesses, locations and people?

The reason I ask - is in the learning and reading I am doing, I am finding that some of the most successful web sites - the ones that attract a lot of advertisers and lots of members - they are Canadian and hide that fact.

I was stunned to learn that some of the sites I use, and visit - once I investigated who ran them and owned them...CANADIANS.

That shocked me....The Canucks really don't want people knowing they are Canadian owned and run. I am told that it is a detriment to commerce and visitors. I am told American visitors won't come to sites that they know are Canadian sites or get involved on Canadian sites...

Wow - that is an opinion I did not expect - I got that opinion from 4 out of the 6 web site owners I talked with...

There is a lot to learn about this whole web thing and I am determined to learn as much as I can.
How does one keep true to their convictions...I am Canadian and proud of it...

In the news today...
 The East End Hells Angels Chapter is less one member for a while...

Alex Caine the author of the "The Fat Mexican -The Bloody Rise of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club"
has some very strong opinions on the Shedden massacre....

And, more accidents to, at this time of year you wouldn't expect to be loosing so many riders still. My heart goes out to the families of those riders who are gone from us and to the riders who are injured...I hope there is a local organization there to help you.

IF YOU ARE RIDING TODAY - please, ride like EVERYONE around you is blind and can not see you!

Belt Drive Betty
National VP - A.I.M.Can

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  1. No, you're not wrong.
    Some of us out there would rather fly the Maple Leaf than the Stars & Stripes.
    I guess it's personal thing. If people South of the border don't like looking at Canadian sites, it's their loss.
    Maybe ask Fuzzy's opinion on how Americans feel.


  2. You're not completely wrong. I've had US-based vendors simply hang up on me when I said I was calling from Canada. Others will charge exorbitant shipping costs for Canadians to avoid having us as customers. BUT they are the minority. Most people I deal with in the US - whether on a commercial or personal basis - are blind to the border. And that's as it should be. .