This last few years haven't been the easiest for this gal.
It's been an upside down world for me ever since the Olds Bike Show and it's devastating loss. Add to that the challenges with hubby and our twisted economy...

That loss in Olds triggered an audit, both income tax and GST, now I trust my CA and I was pretty darned sure everything was in order, but you just never know, really now do you?

When I was getting everything together, I have to tell you I was an emotional mess.
It was like reliving the entire ordeal all over again. It was crappy. Every time I picked up an invoice of someone who had not paid their bill, ever time I picked up something to do with the policing etc... all of these rotten memories that I thought I had dealt with and buried - they were back.

I have to say that I now feel some closure now that the audit is complete and everything has been found to be OK... It's been a long two and a quarter years since the bike show in Olds...and I am glad that I can put everything away, including those horrid feelings and move on to better, brighter days.

It is amazing the difference in the way I feel today compared to 48 hours ago!
I know that as long as I move every day towards my goals with purpose and consistency brighter days are already here!

The news is another mixed bag, so I am just going to let you snoop today.

I have a grant application to finish, the final revisions on the phone book to look over and a few errands to run...gonna be a busy day!

Have a fabulous one people! It's snowing here - AGAIN - so no one is allowed to ride today - anywhere - got it! (Yah, I know, go get stuffed :)

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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