OCC - the very name conjurs up screaming matches, arrogant fits of temper and egos as big as the universe...for me anyway.

Paul Sr has a band...aptly named the OCC Band and their first album which features if I read right, three songs from the band and 14 songs that are Paul Sr's favorites from other bands.

The band is made up of staffers from OCC - from the limited amount of  clips I was able to listen to, they sounded awesome! And yeah, I am surprised. I really didn't know what to expect.

Royal Enfield is coming to Canada...Rob from Bullet Motorcycles in Edmonton is the new Canadian Distributor!

There's lot of sports news today so be sure to cruise that section of the web site (

I have a lot on the agenda today  - this learning gig can be hard on the head...

Oh and by the way - I am a quitter! Still a non smoker...

Have a great day and if you are one of the lucky who live where you can be riding, please ride safe.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP - A.I.M. Can

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