Are there any words to describe the accident that happened North of Phoenix yesterday on the Carefree Highway where in three motorcyclists have died and 6 others are in hospital after they were mowed over by a garbage truck?

I can't seem to find ones that strongly enough convey what I feel.
Revulsion, anger, disgust, confusion...

How did this driver run these people over - literally? They claim alcohol was not a factor, so what the hell happened? The riders were stopped behind an SUV and the truck ran over them and into the SUV...did his brakes fail? Was he on the phone? Like so many other people I am looking for answers that just aren't there yet.

The American news feeds are so filled with accidents involving motorcyclists that I seldom report on them - there are simply too many for one person to add them all to our feeds but this accident....I have no words... My heart and my prayers go out to all involved.

There is so much in the news today:

The rock slide at the Tail of the Dragon could keep the highway closed until the end of July.

KTM has unveiled it's new electric motorcycles.

Michigan has voted to repeal the helmet law there however the law has gone to the next round in the senate where the Governor can and most likely will veto it.

The MAC rally is a go again this summer

Simon "Moose" Buckley, co-founder of the team Ride Right Round, died on Saturday, March 13, in a single-vehicle accident in Argentina when the rear tire of his motorcycle blew.

Don't forget the "Book Tour" that author Adelle Laudan has been on - she's been blogging around the internet to promote her trilogy "The Iron Horse Rider" Adelle has bestowed a very special honor to our readers - one lucky person is going to win the complete trilogy signed by Adelle and one luck person will win the E Version.

It's simple to yesterday's blog post to find out what it's all about!

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today - PLEASE - PLEASE - ride like everyone is out to get you and they are all blind.

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  1. legs did this get through

  2. I see it lobo. You replied to wrong thread but you are in the draw hun.
    Good luck!

  3. Prayers for the families in Phoenix.

    Thanks for letting us know about the trilogy. Sounds like a good read.