There are two very well written articles in the news today from riders who write for the Times Colonist in BC.

Both writers express that the knee jerk reaction of the government of BC to the rise in deaths and injuries to motorcyclists are not only unfair and wrong minded but that the laws as suggested will have NO impact on changing the accident statistics.

It would appear that many people who ride are finally getting good and mad and are starting to have their say - starting to be vocal and pushing back on laws that are unresponsive to the true reason why motorcycle accidents and fatalities are on the ride. Inattentive Automobile drivers.

I am so happy to see the level headed and thoughtful approach that these two writing riders have taken and hope to see more riders getting involved in the fight to protect our rights and see less discrimination.  The notion of only motorcyclists needing mandatory training is a contentious one.

In other news:
A rock slide at on US 129 has not only cut of part of the Tail of the Dragon but business has come to a grinding halt.

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