The news feeds today are filled with a variety of interesting topics.

Our good friend and talented singer/musician Carson Cole has released his latest album "Kick Start"

Garmin has come out with a new GPS unit for motorcyclists.

A Vancouver Island man has "created" a new adventure tourism business involving ice riding.

Auto Journal Group has filed for bankruptcy protection. "Motorcycle magazine Motomag has seen its last issue printed after losing money every issue for the past two years. Crépault says he tried to save the magazine with an editorial overhaul in May 2009, but major advertisers still wouldn’t buy space. He has worked out a deal with publisher LC Média for subscribers to receive a competing title, Moto Journal, instead. Crépault is also working on a new online version of Motomag which he feels will be successful" Masthead On Line

KTM will be unveiling its electric motorcycles in Tokyo.

Moncton New Brunswick is examining the potential of getting rid of the RCMP and going with its own municipal force - seems to be a popular topic for discussion in a lot of regions these days.

And last but not least - Harley-Davidson is in the news yet again as it's stock is taking a huge jump over rumors and speculation that a take over is imminent.
This is the second time in less than a month that tales - rumors and innuendo have been swirling and I wonder if this is publicity campaign is being done in an effort to generate capital to pay the new CEO his rather substantial wage...(Being written with tongue in cheek) Seriously - what is with all of the rumors...

The discussion on my Facebook page over the Helmet Laws in BC has been lively and interesting - join us! We'd love to have you wade in on that topic and any other that catches your fancy!

If you are riding today, PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you, everyone is out to get you and use respect with your right hand...

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll talk to you all on Monday unless there is something urgent in the news feeds that needs to get out there as I am taking Sundays off for the next while.

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