We got in a letter from an American friend who was boasting about his insurance being so much cheaper that ours here in Canada.

Comparing his policy to mine where in I have 1 million liability, Collision and comprehensive, replacement value of $22,800, $2,000 vacation coverage - my policy is $580 - I am not so sure his is such a great deal.

I am going to call my broker today and ask some questions but I would have to say by looking at our two policies that costs are similar. If he had 1 million liability and replacement value I wonder where he'd be?

When talking insurance you need to compare apples to apples - get quotes and ask lots of questions to make sure that what you have is what you think you have!
No matter where you live, who you insure through - ASK QUESTIONS until you understand your policy.

In the news today:

Motress is reminding ladies that International Female Rider Day is May 7th this year.

A group of Grandmothers is holding a Poker Run - see why...

Insurance is on the minds of a lot of riders...

How a cocky dude flunked his driver's exam...

And last but not least, a repairman finds a bag of cash stashed in a furnace and a member of the Nomads gets himself in a ton of hot water as a result.

It snowed here last night - what a rotten four letter word that is - and just when I am finally - time wise - able to sneak out for a few hours...oh well - it will give me time to perfect my pitch for the Dragon's Den auditions on Saturday.

If you are riding today you luck sod - PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind - they are all out to get you and use some respect with that throttle hand - PLEASE!

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  1. $580???

    I'm paying in excess of $1100 here in Ontario for the same coverage - and that's with 30+ years no claims, no tickets, advanced rider training. What company are you with? You could send them a lot of business with rates like that!

  2. I am with Dalton Timmis Home for Chrome in AB and get the BDB club group rate discount...