I know that many people think I am a wee bit of a radical. They call me passionate and then wink to each other - they think I don't see them but the truth is - I don't care.

I am going to step out on that limb again because this time, a blog was sent to me that chronicles the dirty deeds of the RCMP.

I have uncles who were members of the force. Back in the day they had a lot of pride in what they do. Not so much today. Back in the day they covered each others asses, but they at least chastised each other and sought help when a fellow office had a drinking problem or beat his wife. Today - not so much.

I see a lot of really nasty stuff that comes across the news feeds - some I share with you, some I just shake my head because like many - I get tired of the negativity and the garbage.

I get angry, outraged, I have signed petitions and I have educated others about stuff to get their signatures on petitions.

Read this mans blog - spend even ten minutes looking at the litany of crimes perpetrated by the RCMP and how their crimes are covered up, buried and ignored.

This man - who like most freedom fighters - obviously fears for his own safety (as he does not post his name) with very good cause as he has listed offense, after offense after offense. All of them substantiated in the main stream media too - nothing made up - he is not being an alarmist - he is simply shedding  the light on a very dirty area of our country - the closet of the RCMP

He is not so much against the RCMP as he is for a solution and he offers up a good one - a provincial police force.

Read his blog, do yourself and everyone you love, every Canadian citizen a favor - PLEASE, take ten minutes and read - I promise you - YOU WILL WANT TO VOMIT.
Then - if you live in BC sign the petition. We Canadians need to start getting good and freaking angry because ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY and we are paying these people to commit these viscous, heinous crimes - WE ARE PAYING what does that make us?

I shake me head....

In other news:

I guess the news that in this desperate economy where it seems that few have the money to buy the things in life they need never mind what they want, the report that the CEO of H-D earned over 6 million dollars in the first 8 months caused someone to leak a story - apparently/allegedly a false story, that H-D has another potentiality buyout offer...causing stocks to rise....hmmmm

Maybe the reason for the rumor is the article about H-D being sued over a defective throttle that killed a Texas gal's husband and seriously injured her?

BMW is posting really strong sales gain.

A very interesting calendar went on sale at the Moose Jaw Swap meet this past weekend.

In sports - if you like drag racing, Grand Bend has a deal for you!

Zero emission motorcycle racing just got potentially a whole lot more enticing...

That's it for me today - I put the finishing touches on tomorrows paper and work on my pitch for the Dragon's Den producers for Saturday!

If you are riding you lucky dawg - PLEASE ride like no one can see you and they are all out to get you and use respect with that right hand...

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