There are many people on the Internet, some are honest hard working people who are trying to earn a living. Others are scammers and cons. Some are just looking for that giggle, others are looking for that perfect product to make their life or day easier.

There are those who are lonely and sit all day on their computers reaching out to connect and there are those who'd rather never turn the thing on.

Why do you use the internet? What is it about the net that fascinates and repels people?
 Did you know that most of the emails (jokes primarily) that get sent around are actually stolen from the originating web site?

Do you know proper Internet and email protocols? Do you care?

I am curious.... enquiring minds want to know...
I recently had posts from our site banned on another because as the site owner I was accused of theft when someone registered on our site shared a joke. I can not believe it - but there you have it - apparently sharing things that make you laugh is not cool UNLESS you tell people where it came from and even then if it doesn't have the link directly to the site it came from you are labelled a thief because you own the web site and should have known the joke was stolen...

I have been on the net for 7 years now and I still find it a confusing place to try and do business or research or anything else.... I wonder if there is an Internet rule house some where and I also wonder if there is a garbage can cause man there is a lot of garbage out there...

Not a ton in the news so far today...

If you live in the Durham ON region Bruno sent in a warning about increased police presence.

With Tax time here, Freda from the Paperwork Artist has some great advice.

The former club hose for the HA in St Catherines is set to be demolished.

Some riders in NS say thank you to a kind hearted truck driver...

India is becoming a huge consumer powerhouse.

If you are riding today, please - ride safely, ride like everyone is blind AND out to get you and please be a good citizen - use respect with that right hand...

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