Well folks, the day is here, it's taken a long time to get here, but here we are.

BC - the mecca, the last of the true "biker" frontiers is Canada is going DOT.

I know that many will be devastated by that news and many will say its a good thing but is it? The BC Coroner has released a report  filled with recommendations that effectively treat people like children. We know what is right for you is the mentality of the report.

Any time your right to choose is taken away from you I think that our Charter looses it's teeth - it's spirit and meaning.

I have said before that I think you should be allowed the right to choose what risk level is right for you and that you should be able to pay for a sticker that graces your plate saying you have paid a special fee to ride with a beanie or helmet less if that is your choice.  I also feel that being an organ donor should be a part of the fee for that choice.  You don't have the right to burden society by the choice you make - however buying the insurance or paying a special health care premium makes more sense than legislation in MHO.

I think that if any piece of legislation could be offered - the one that makes the most sense would be mandatory rider training.

No matter where you sit on this hot topic, I hope that if you live in BC, the last bastion of freedom for motorcyclists, you will consider getting off your arse and have your voice heard. I know - you are going to let some one else do it because you are too busy but I still had to ask...if you won't fight for your rights and freedoms, who will?

I heard that everyone and someone else are too busy as well - so now what? The legislators win with no fight?

In the news today:

Harley-Davidson donated a few truck loads of clothes to the Threads of Hope...

Ted Laturnus looks at the Import Manufacturers offerings...

And they are making sure the noise issue stays in the fore in Edmonton...

If you are lucky enough to be riding, bite me! I want to ride and mother nature said NO - I am going to snow on your parade. Please - in all seriousness - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and is out to get you. Use some respect with that right hand as well - PLEASE folks - a little consideration goes a long, long way...

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