As I look through the news feeds again today - everyone and I do mean everyone is producing a top ten list from 2010.

I do not wish to look back other than a quick glance over my shoulder.
Nope, I prefer to look ahead...

2011 - I am looking forward - to the RIDE.  Yes, right now I am dreaming of motorcycles, bugs, sunshine, rain, wind and hail, the smells of fresh cut grass in the ditches, the sweet clover, heck allergy or no I am even looking forward to smelling canola and seeing those wild yellow/phosphorescence flowers it produces.  I am looking forward to the motorcycle shows, the rallies, the mountains the twisties and the friends I will see again this coming year.

I am looking forward to the rivers, the lakes, the waterfalls, the wildlife, (as long as they stay out of my path).

I am looking forward because if I look back...nope not going there...ahead - looking to where I want to go.

I want - in 2011, to surround myself with people of integrity, people who do what they say they are going to. I am looking forward to a year filled with possibility.
 I am looking forward to love, laughter and joy and yes I even embrace the challenges and sorrow that are bound to come along.

Here's my top ten list for 2011 - I'll let everyone else look back...

10) Riding - just riding
9) Riding to the rallies and runs
8) Riding to create awareness of motorcyclists and sharing the road
7) Riding across Canada
6) Riding to the Yukon and I hope the Northwest Territories
5) Riding by rivers and lakes
4) Riding in the mountains
3) Riding by myself
2) Riding with my friends
1) Riding with my husband

What's on your list for 2011?
In 2011 - what are looking forward to?
What is it that excites you, makes your imagination dance?
I'd love to know! Join me on Facebook - here in my blog or in our forums on

In the news today:

In Isreal Soccer great Avi Cohen dies from his injuries

In California a new law targets motorcycle thieves

Also in California the new Motorcycle Noise Law is cranking people up

In BC the Milkman goes racing again

In the UK a motorcycle racer goes to jail for sexual abuse

In Texas - "Kokomo" - the founder of the Motorcycle Fatality Awareness Program is in critical condition after an 18 year old drive cut a left hand turn in front of him.

Have a day filled with thoughts of motorcycles and freedom, open roads and twisties and positively impacting others who ride in a not so positive way to protect our privileges.

Please if you are attending parties, plan your way home in advance!
If you are driving home from Christmas feasts and visits please take care on the roads and cherish those you love the way you cherish your motorcycle.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. cruisinthru7:23 AM

    I am looking forward to
    10)Just riding
    9)less work
    8)more play
    7)riding to the Yukon
    6)attending more rallies
    5)Going to Nicaragua
    4)finding my dream property
    3)being healthy
    2)being loved
    1)just riding

  2. Written like a true rider - always look where you want to go! Well done.
    I'm looking forward to sharing bdbetty, bustedknucklechronicles, Canadian riders and riding with lots more folks. Can't believe I missed linking to you before this - A whoops moment that has been corrected.
    81 days til spring:)

  3. I am glad to have you as a part of our community!

  4. 10- Sharing more BKC issues with family and friends
    9- Buying a second bike.. but this one for the wife!
    8- Riding tandem instead of 2-up (double edged sword.. fun to ride tandem, but I'll miss her on the pillion)
    7- Riding for the Ride for Dad and enjoying that event
    6- LESS RAIN
    5- Less spring ice and gravel
    4- getting new gear
    3- writing new articles
    2- more touring
    1- another 10,000km+ year on the bike(s)

  5. Another fabulous list!