First they come out with a draconian Motorcycle Only noise bylaw and now they want to give motorcyclists free parking? Cereal? What would drive the city of Edmonton to be so generous?

In Vancouver, Jay Dobyns - the American Cop turned Hells Angel infiltrator spoke to an "Enthralled" audience about the leniency shown the Hells Angels in BC - Dobyns was the keynote speaker Thursday at the Vancouver Gangs and Guns Symposium for police and educators.
Dobyns said the sharing of law-enforcement intelligence and strategies is essential to tackle the Hells Angels and other violent criminal groups. He was quoted in the Vancouver Sun stating:
“That is how the police win — when we cooperate with each other. We share our experiences. We share our successes. We share our failures. We share our intelligence. And that’s how good overcomes evil. That is how society survives.”

I recall saying that to the riding community on more than one occasion!

Also in BC - people are finally calling for a ban on cell phone use by the police and other emergency services persons citing that is hard for ordinary citizens to follow a law that the police and others don't.

In the US - Insurers have figured out that women are buying more motorcycles and since they tend to put in fewer claims than men do, they are beginning to offer discounts to women on their motorcycle insurance...hmmm - wonder when Canada will do the same.

Got lots of money? Want an ultra cool if slightly outdated dirt bike? Steve McQueen - the King of Cool's favourite dirt bike is going up for auction!

Also in the US - congress woman Gabrielle Giffords will be co chairing the Congressional Motorcycle Safety Caucus - she is recovering  after being shot in the head during a shooting spree in a store in Arizona.

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Voting for our show 'n' shine hit a bit of a snag yesterday - a technical glitch that Ali had to over come - most of the voting gallery is in and ready for votes - the remainder will go up this morning - sorry for the inconvenience but like all things computer related - sometimes things happen you don't expect. I am looking forward to the middle of next month when we see who wins in each category - we have some incredible machines for your viewing pleasure!

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