Nothing like a few court cases to tell the powers that be that it is time to go back to the drawing board.

The MIC in the USA and MMIC in Canada (Motorcycle Industry Council and Motorcycle Moped Industry Council) funded the flawed and near fatal J2825 noise test created by the Society of Automotive Engineers. I say the test is flawed because there are humans doing the testing and based on their degree of interest in their jobs, many, inspite of the training they have received do not appear to know how to administer the test properly.  There are, in my humble and far from expert opinion, a lot of areas for challenge with the test from who is doing the testing, to where it is done and how it is done.

In Myrtle Beach - the town fathers and mothers are facing a lawsuit from the area hotels, Horry County and numerous motorcycle groups and a local Harley-Davidson dealer.

Pleas are going out to riders to NOT give Myrtle Beach what it wants:

I've heard some people say in protest of the new ordinances, "I just won't come to Myrtle Beach, I won't spend my money there." Please - if this is what you are thinking then you are giving city council exactly what they wanted. You lose. They win. If these ordinances piss you off, come to Myrtle Beach loud as you want and do not let them push an entire group of people out and destroy a Myrtle Beach tradition with these types of tactics. The city knew when it passed these ordinances that they were not constitutional and there were going to be problems.
Mike Wright, from Maryland, says he thinks the new laws should prompt every biker in the country to head to Myrtle Beach. "Every biker. And bring their helmets, and obey their laws, and crush this place. Crush it. Just to make a point. You're not going to mess with our right to lawfully have a good time."
There is nothing like a lawsuit to make people reconsider their stance on something that is discriminatory and make no mistake - just because here in Canada our charter only looks at race, religion and sexual orientation as far as protection under the Charter - the Motorcycle only noise by law in Edmonton is as discriminatory as it gets. Holding one segment of road users to a different standard than others is really a discriminatory practice under the definition of discrimination.

From the Mirriam Webster Dictionary: Definition of DISCRIMINATION

1 a : the act of discriminating 
  b : the process by which two stimuli differing in some aspect are responded to differently 
2 the quality or power of finely distinguishing 
3 a : the act, practice, or an instance of discriminating categorically rather than individually 
  b : prejudiced or prejudicial outlook, action, or treatment discrimination>

Although the style of discrimination that motorcyclists are regularly subjected to may not be covered under the Charter here in Canada - it is still illegal and it is for sure immoral.

Brothers and sisters of the family wind in Canada - do you think there is any chance that we can muster up some cash, a lawyer and some sustained, quiet anger and fight the city of Edmonton?

Remember their peace offering last week of free parking for motorcycles down town? 
Is it really a free offer or just another way to suck more money out of your jeans? 
How much are they going to make by charging you for parking? 
How much are they going to make if they ticket you for a loud exhaust?
I will be very interested to see if Edmonton city council reads the news from other places where these discriminatory bylaws have been put in place. 

I hope the riders of the USA and South Carolina in particular nail Myrtle Beach to a cross and that when they are done, they move the rally just outside the city to prove a point. 
But hey, that's just my righteous indignation talking folks...

In other news:

In India, Harley-Davidson is celebrating having sold 250 motorcycles

In Britain there is a new electric motorcycle coming to market

Also in Britian, the Hairy Bikers are interviewed for their new cooking show on BBC2

In Italy, despite best efforts the Moto Morini will be no more

In Australia, riders hosting a charity run for their flood ravaged country get to see the devastation first hand

And in the US, the guys I love to hate and NEVER watch are getting better ratings than ever because of their very public personal "war" and Discovery Channel is loving it.

Well that's what's on my mind today - like every day I hope to hear your thoughts on the topics at hand.

I do have a special request though - if you can spare a few bucks, PLEASE - PLEASE, PLEASE consider donating to the Australian Flood Relief Fund - we have a link on the right hand side of the home page at
So far we only have one $50 donation - that will feed a family of four for 2, maybe three days folks.

I am hoping to see a wee bit of Canadian and Biker Compassion and Caring.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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