It seems that Sturgis North is only one of many rallies to use the Sturgis name, but there may be one less now.

In Kentucky, the Little Sturgis Biker Rally is canceled this year and may be for good. Apparently attendance fell from 22,000 to 8,000.

But who knew HOW many rallies use the Sturgis moniker?
Little Sturgis Rally - Kentucky

Sturgis North - Salmon Arm BC
Sturgis Roadshow - Traveling
Sturgis on the River/ Sturgis South - Mississippi
East Coast Sturgis Rally - Maryland

I had no idea that so many events wish to emulate Sturgis South Dakota!

In other news a 22 year old Nebraska man has plead guilty to 4 counts of vehicular homicide for drunk driving causing and causing the deaths of four riders.
A driver who killed a motorcyclist in the Bronx had 22  license suspensions!
And we wonder why the death rate is bad...sheese.

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There's a ton of other news out there today but because I was working on year end books until 3 am and consequently did not get up until 7:30 am - I need to get back to it.
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I have a ton of new RFBA members to get set up and month end to do today - only 8 days late! Oh well, it will be a great day as I will be one step closer to unburied from the January bike shows just in time to head to Red Deer next week!

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!

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