Ottawa Senators Doctor Donald Chow was injured in a motorcycle crash in 2010. The 73 year old woman that hit him, Lois Thompson has been charged under the Highway Traffic Act with one count of making an unsafe turn.

And the man responsible for the death of Liberal Aide, Mario Lague, is a 49 year old man from Gatineau QC -  Guiseppe Oppedisano, he was charged with dangerous driving causing death on January 13th.

I want to remind every rider to be hyper aware and extra vigilant this coming riding season.

Last year was a hard year on our community - it is one of the reasons that the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association has agreed to set up a fund to aide riders in the event of a crash.

The fund will provide a no interest loan to assist with out of pocket expenses until insurance starts to pay a rider back. Once the rider has proceeds coming in they are asked to repay the fund so the next rider can be assisted. This is a stop gap measure and only meant for the regions that have no organized or structured support network and not meant to duplicate the services of AIM in BC,Biker Down Society in Nova Scotia or FIRRE in Southern Alberta. Riders from or in those regions needing assistance will be directed to the organized groups. (AIM may be opening an Ottawa Chapter)

Belt Drive Betty has teamed up with Intercon Messaging to assist riders in staying safe.
Intercon Messaging offers the NEVER RIDE ALONE program for our members - similar to the Never Work Alone Programs, members of (the Biker's Discount Buying Club)  - can call the toll free number (1-866-765-6718) - they will be asked a series of quick questions, asked to check in when they stop for fuel - and should they not arrive at their destination within 15 minutes the service will call the numbers the rider leaves for contact. If after two calls the rider can not be reached, Intercon will be dispatching 911 services to find you.

The other wonderful tool we have to offer members of the BDB Club (Biker's Discount Buying Club) is the Best Roadside Assistance Program. Belt Drive Betty has teamed up with Best Roadside to offer our members exclusive pricing - for only $89.50 per year you get 6 calls, and they include fuel, lock out, towing and more...those calls are share able between you and your spouse and transferable between your pick up, car and motorcycle. They offer bilingual service - the support is good for Canada and the Continental USA (with many of the same service providers of the big boys like (CAA & AAA) and it comes with additional travel perks on top of the BDB Club Perks and those of  our Rider Friendly Business Association Members!

Membership on is free - if you decide you want a hard card and phone book for the RFBA Businesses for your Saddle Bags you can either pick one up for free at many of our oartner businesses, at any of the motorcycle shows and events that we attend or you can pay a small shipping and handling fee and we will mail you one. If you want to just download and laminate your own card you can do that as well because our phone book is available to our members in a mobile format at 

Don't forget our Canadian Riders Support Network either - it's free to become a member and provide assistance to your fellow rider who is broke down or otherwise needing assistance and you can access the information on the mobile site, through the printed phone book or the toll free number!

This riding season stay safe and protected with the BDB Club and it's partners of the RFBA and save money on your travel accommodations, meals and more.

In Other News:

The new book "Biker Chicz" by Winterhalder and De Clercq’s is now available world wide.

In Montreal dozens of bikers are calling for a stop to the mega trial of Hells Angels member citing everything from "abuse of procedures, impossibility of mounting a defence, unreasonable delays and illegality"

Ducati and art just got a whole lot closer to merging

The Ninja is reviewed as is the Triumph Thunderbird

And a Ducati and a Ferrari go head to head - which one wins the race?

Have a FANTASTIC day everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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