There is one thing that most riders will agree on outside of their love for their 
motorcycle, they love food - the fresh air and open road seem to stimulate the appetite.

One motorcycle shop has decided to combine the two.

The owners say it is a great addition to their business - having their life long friend who was a motocross racer their shop used to sponsor, bring his BBQ lunch counter into their shop.

From the Daily Progress:
But Mr. Chips ain’t no tarted-up, wussified palace of pretension with plastic plants and faux antiques screwed to the walls. No, sir. This is a classic lunch counter. There’s ’cue, and stew, soda, chips and iced tea. The motor milieu includes real motorcycles such as a classic Triumph Bonneville that can be revved up to provide a little dinner music.

“Well, yes. I think it’s very odd to have a barbecue restaurant in a motorcycle shop. We may even have the only one in the United States of America. I don’t know,” says Chip, spooning up a bun full of pulled pork for a sandwich. “It’s certainly something I’ve never seen before.”

Sounds like a great destination ride to me!

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I have a ton to do before I leave for the Red Deer Motorcycle Show this Thursday.
I am looking forward to seeing a ton of you riders from that Central Alberta country!

Have an incredible Monday

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