A rather interesting article came out of Daytona Florida.
Why? Because there are property owners who collect a ton of rent from vendors twice a year (for Bike Week and Biketoberfest) and leave their rental buildings vacant the rest of the year.

One store owner said it is a bad look for Daytona to have so many store fronts closed all year long and feels that these "businesses" should have to be open all year long.

Twice a year, you have a bunch of tenants come here, collect a ton of rent. Come Monday, the tenants go and so does the money that should have been flowing through the economy," Politis said.
There are some full-time businesses on Main Street, but plenty of empty store fronts that property owners rent out for special events. They can make a small fortune renting space just a few weeks a year.But the stores stay empty the rest of the time in the heart of downtown -- in the shadow of the Ocean Center looking to attract conventions. 
Politis said an empty Main Street makes for a bad image.

So, what would you think if you owned a store that was open all year round in Daytona Beach - or anywhere for that matter and have half or more of the other stores in the downtown district closed even in high tourist season? 

If you were the person who had an empty store that you gained enough revenue from renting it for 3-4 weeks a year that you didn't feel the need to open a real store - what would you say?

Man - this is one topic where I can see both sides of the equation and yet I see a different way of looking at this... my question would be - instead of getting rid of the vendors who come to Daytona specifically to offer wares to riders - why aren't these store fronts being rented out during High Tourist Season? Now there's a question I would like an answer to. Somehow the motorcycle rally vendors are being blamed for this situation, not sure that is fair.

Your thoughts on this topic are, like every day, welcomed. 
You just never know what one can learn from sharing opinions and ideas.

In other news:

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The German Motorcycle maker, Horex reveals it's patent for the W8 configuration on their V6 Roadster.

Harley-Davidson reveals it's first video creative from their new ad agency Victor & Spoils It's an interesting idea - I personally am not sure it hits the mark though.

There is a ton of news today on hope to see you there!

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So what did you get for Valentine's Day? I got flowers and a card from hubby and my cat got me a card about doing the important things in life like scratching his head, changing his litter box, feeding him and rubbing his belly - he said he hoped I had a great Valentine's Day and signed it - from the one who runs the house! Cats - go figure... What a great card!

I am outta here for today - tons of work left to accomplish before I hit the road to the Red Deer Motorcycle Show here in Alberta this weekend.

Have a freaking awesome Tuesday everyone.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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